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March 24th and 25th
Free in office demonstrating of new Phonak Hearing Aid Technology and Wireless Accessories.

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North Side Audiology Group has been providing complete hearing services for over twenty years.  Established in 1986, North Side Audiology Group's professional staff is trained to bring you the finest hearing assistance possible.  Our goal is to help you achieve your full hearing potential regardless of your impairment....or your age.....whether your loss is mild or severe....temporary or permanent.  A diagnostic evaluation from North Side Audiology Group will help to determine the nature of your hearing impairment, the extent of your hearing loss, and the need for medical treatment and hearing aid use.  Our services are both a vital and necessary first step toward restoring your involvement in life.  

North Side Audiology Group, Inc. - hearing care professionals dedicated to providing the most exceptional patient experience.

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